Make your social networking F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

The key to running a good and successful communication with your bosses and employees comes from the level of your own success. It is especially important how you manage your communication skills and body language as this is crucial for spreading the message successfully. Not to mention that it will help you to leave the wanted impression on the ones whom you are talking to and addressing.

People who are successful in social media usually do not manage themselves so well in real life situations. The first thing that is noticeable with this people are gaps and awkward silence as they struggle to get their thoughts together.

In order to control the conversation, you always have to remember that the one in control is the one who is asking questions. If they do not like the answer, they will continue asking questions and you will not be able to continue. In order to do this, you need to become a good listener and this is the key to making your social networking working to your advantage.

social netThe more you listen to people, the more you get into them and knowing their minds and responses will greatly help you to shape the whole context of the conversation. Now, what does F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. actually mean? It is a direction, a path of leading a conversation where you give the advantage to the ones you are talking to.

You can do this by asking about their Friends and Family, Accomplishments and Aspirations, Business, Understandings, Loves, Organizations they are involved with, Undertakings or their latest activities and Sports or the other ways they relax and enjoy their lives.

If you can make your social networking function this way, if you can make it all about them, you will achieve your goal. The others will soon see you as someone great to talk to, to speak with and you will earn their trust. From that moment on, you can put structure in your conversation, something that will make them hold on to and give them a sense of doing something important.